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Permanent Hair Removal

The melanin present in the hair follicles absorbs the energy. This quickly turns into heat and destroy the hair follicles. The process is only effective on hairs during their growing cycle. The number of treatments required depends upon your skin, hair colouring, and coarseness of the hair.

Mercury Laser


This long pulse laser specifically targets the melanin present in the hair follicles. It uses a patented Dynamic Cooling Device which  protects the skin. With the use of Mercury laser, we can safely and effectively treat all areas of unwanted hairs in all skin types.

It is less painful and more effective than IPL. For greater comfort, we can apply BLT numbing cream.

The majority of patients see significant hair reduction of up to 85% to 90% after around five treatments.

The protocol requires at least 5 to 8 laser sessions for maximum effectiveness.


upper lip        $100

& chin

armpits          $150           



forearms       $170            



neck               $150            

upper back    $160            

lower back    $160            

chest              $160           

abdomen       $160            


legs                $180            

(excluding thigh)

Package : available

NB: For laser treatment, the number of sessions required varies for different individuals. Some may have a very good result even with just a few sessions of laser.

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