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Hi Queen V Face

Dysport Square Jaw Slimming



Square jaw is due to prominent chewing muscles known as masseter muscles.   Dysport is injected into the muscles which causes them to shrink and diminish in size thus achieving a more pleasant V shape.

Dr Cliff Tan was privileged to study and learn directly from the famous and well sought after aesthetic and plastic surgeon Dr Korea.

Hi Queen HIFU  V Lift



The specially developed HIFU from Dana is able to tighten the skin at the jaw and below the chin. By doing so the double chin effect is reduced and the desired V shape face can be achieved. Beside lifting, Hi Queen HIFU may burn off a bit of fat at the chubby areas e.g jawline, sides of the neck and below chin; giving a more sculpted definition to these areas. It enhances the V-shaped facial silhouette that equates to a younger and more attractive face.

Dysport + Hi Queen Ultimate V Lift



For the best results,  the combination reduction of the muscle size and tightening of the skin will give the ultimate V Lift which lends to the coveted asian shaped V face for women.

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