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Acne Terminator

4 months $1200  (ala carte $1480)

4 sessions Medi-Acne Peel 

2 sessions Lucid Laser

2 session Mercury Laser

**excludes medicine and skin care products

Medi-Acne Peel

This is specially customised according to your skin condition as we know no two patients are the same.


The gentle yet powerful acid destroys the Propionibacterium acne, exfoliate dead skin, unclog the pores and remove the sebum. It reduces inflammation and dries up the acne.

For the bigger, cystic or nodular acne, mild steroid can be administered directly in small doses. This can quickly help reduce redness and inflammation and relieve the pain associated with these conditions.

Lucid Laser

The laser destroys the acne causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. With its special acne toning function, it shrinks the oil gland and reduces sebum production.

Whether you have clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, papules or cystic acne, our signature Acne Terminator can help. This program intensely and safely treats the acne fast.


 Acne affects not just teenagers, it can occur in adults even in the 50's. Both men and women can develop acne. 


Some women may have a hormonal imbalance which requires anti-androgen medication.

Mercury Laser

This powerful laser besides being able to destroy the bacteria also reduces inflammation. This is especially effective in improving post acne redness and marks.

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