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Mercury Long Pulse Laser

The most advanced Long Pulse Nd:YAG system that treats a wide range dermatological and cosmetic needs from vascular treatments, ablative and non-ablative skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesions and hair removal.

With its Square-Pulse Technology, it delivers stable energy and thus is safer and produces excellent result.

 This premium laser has patented strong dual cooling system. The Skin Cooling System (SCS) and Contact Cooling System with Sapphire Crystal provide the most efficient protection of the skin. It greatly reduces patient discomfort and decreases the risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. There is no downtime with this Mercury Laser.


Permanent Hair Removal

Dark Eye Circles

Spider Veins & Capillaries




Dual Laser Toning

Duo Lifting

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

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